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Exercising Outdoors

The Positive Effects of Being Outdoors!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

So, in my opinion, some of the best workouts are the ones that don't actually feel like a workout!

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Positive effects of being active outdoors

They are the ones where you grab some gear and just go outside and have fun, for myself I love to mountain bike ride, kayak (checkout this awesome inflatable kayak! We have two & use them all the time!), run or hike to name a few but the point is to just find something that you truly enjoy, that makes you break a sweat and get out and enjoy nature. Once you find what you love doing, make a point to do it often. You can burn an amazing amount of calories with a good ride or a hike through an amazing area that you may not have explored yet, that's a win win in my book!

Whether you go by yourself, with your family or a group of friends, just go! It will help you clear your mind, have some fun and get in your workout for the day and you might not even realize it! Some of the best times we have as a family are usually spent outside, whether we are at a beach, a lake or on a trail somewhere, we always love being outdoors, you just cant beat it.

Being at one with nature! Another positive effect of being outdoors

Positive effects of getting outdoors:

  • Physical- This is a pretty easy one, obviously getting outside and moving your body is extremely beneficial physically. It doesn't matter if it is a quick daily 20 minute walk or run to a full day out in a kayak, your going to burn calories and feel better for doing it, and if it turns into something that you do often, those benifits will just multiply!

  • Mental- This is a great one. Getting outside and doing something that you enjoy does a world of good for your mental health! and lets face it, we all have a lot on our plates these days; and though it may not solve everything, it sure does help to take your mind off of the daily stresses and helps you to recharge and reset.

  • Nutrition- Ok, another easy one. So if you get into the habit of getting outside and being healthy, you're more than likely to start making healthier choices in what you are fueling your body with (great added benefit right?). Pack healthy snacks (fruits, nuts, seeds etc), they will give you all the energy you need while you are on the trail or whatever activity you are getting after. Then eating something healthy at the end of your day just feels right after making the effort to being out and active.

  • Sustainability- Here is another really good benefit. If you get out more and realize the beauty of your natural surroundings, you may be more inclined to do more to help keep it that way. Many of these awesome places are threatened these days by a number of challenges and the more of us that realize that and start to do our part to help keep these natural spaces healthy, the better off we will all be.

So, there you go! These are just some of the benefits to an active outdoor lifestyle. So hopefully some of these things resonate with you enough to help get you out there and exploring some new or even some old activities that you haven't done for a while. Have fun!


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