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Rucking: The Ultimate Full-Body Workout for Burning Calories and Building Muscle

Updated: Apr 17

Back in 2021 a friend of mine asked if I had ever tried Rucking (backpacking with a weighted pack)? To be honest, I had heard of it but never tried it and thought it sounded like a good challenge, so I gave it a try...

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Well let me tell you this was a way better workout than I was expecting and I instantly added it to my weekly workout routine, what I love about it is that you can simply strap your pack on and go for a walk but with the added weight you can literally burn 3x's the calories of walking and it's a lot easier on your joints than running, so you get all the benefits of a great cardio & a strength training full body workout, plus you have the added bonus of getting outdoors and enjoying nature at the same time! It's a great solo workout that you can do anytime you feel like, but it is just as fun to do with a friend or group and enjoy conversation and comradery while you get in a great workout.

Rucking originated with the military, soldiers use their pack to hold the tactical gear that they need for their mission (typically around 50lbs of gear), so your typical weight range will be anywhere from 10-50lbs depending on your ability level. I started with 20lbs and now use between 30-50lbs each time I go and let me tell you, you feel it, especially when you first up your weight load or go further or faster but this is what is so great about rucking, it is pretty easy to up or lower the intensity of your workouts on any given day depending on how you feel and what you are looking to get out of your training.

  • Rucking for Cardio: Burn 3x More Calories While Being Gentle on Joints

Rucking isn't your average walk in the park; it's a high calorie burning cardio exercise that takes walking to a whole new level. By simply strapping on a weighted pack and strolling through nature, you can torch up to three times more calories than regular walking. Moreover, Rucking is a low-impact workout, making it easier on your joints compared to high-impact activities like running. Say goodbye to monotonous workouts and embrace the invigorating challenge of Rucking!

  • Building Muscle with Rucking: Strengthen Legs, Core, Back, and Shoulders

The weight added to your pack during Rucking works wonders in building muscle across various areas of your body. From legs to core, back to shoulders, Rucking provides a comprehensive full-body workout that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a newcomer, Rucking offers an effective way to enhance your strength training routine.

  • Functional Training: Experience Natural Movement for Enhanced Fitness

Rucking embodies the essence of functional training, focusing on movements that align with our body's natural design. Carrying a weighted pack over different terrains engages primal movement patterns, boosting your overall physical performance. Embrace Rucking as a way to reconnect with your body's inherent functionality and reap the benefits of functional fitness.

  • Simple and Enjoyable Fitness: The Appeal of Rucking

In a world filled with complex workout routines, Rucking stands out for its simplicity and enjoyment. With minimal equipment required, Rucking is a convenient solo workout that you can do at anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it's equally enjoyable as a social activity when done with friends or in a group. As you embark on your Rucking adventure, relish the beauty of nature and the thrill of a rewarding workout.

  • Essential Gear: Choose the Perfect Rucking Backpack for Comfort and Durability

You can really use any sturdy backpack and add some light weight to it to start with but once you start adding additional weight, you really want to make sure you have a heavy duty pack with thick shoulder straps and a secure compartment for your weights that keeps them centered and close to your back - I wear and recommend the GoRuck Rucker 4.0 it is so comfortable and extremely durable, providing you with an exceptional Rucking experience. I've used a few different packs and this one is by far the best!

So, there you go! Rucking is an exhilarating workout that promises remarkable benefits for both your body and mind. With its calorie-burning potential, muscle-building effects, and emphasis on natural movements, Rucking offers an all-encompassing fitness experience. Grab your sturdy backpack, add some weight, and embark on the adventure of a Rucking workout. Prepare to challenge yourself, witness impressive results, and rediscover the joy of staying fit amidst the beauty of nature. Don't wait any longer – go ahead and give Rucking a try!


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